Japanese Vending Machine Wonders

Japan is renowned for its incredible vending machine culture, offering everything from hot meals to books and umbrellas, and operating on every corner with reliability and safety. It's a seamless blend of technology, culture, and convenience. But what about bringing this concept to our local areas? Are you fascinated by the idea of such diverse and readily available vending options in your neighborhood? Could this work in your city or town? Share your thoughts on the feasibility, potential benefits, or challenges of adopting Japan's vending machine culture in your local area.

I don't thnk we could do it in America if you think about it. Someone might get mugged using one lol
I think that someone would either vandalize or break/rob the vending machine before a person gets mugged trying to use one. That, and everything would probably be overpriced, low quality, and not very unique. Part of the fascination with the Japanese Vending machines is the flat out weird stuff that you can purchase!