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  1. All they need to do with these movies is not change the decades old lore and story and the success will be massive. Perhaps Nintendo will be too controlling for a studio to redo the storyline.
  2. Share your latest adventure here! For me, it would be Destiny 2 and grinding my way through the Guardian Games.
  3. This is always a concern, but it can be done right. I'm not sure if I would mirror the two, perhaps try a different take on each one and let the strongest survive? Or even use one for articles and content and the other for a forum and community.
  4. Now would be the time. The site is small with little SEO. So the hit would be minor in the long growth of the site. Granted, there will always be a hit to views and members afterwards.
  5. Glad you are back! Holidays are always rough after a loss, so that is very much understandable.
  6. Best of luck with everything! That is a pretty high goal for a new forum, but you seem to headed the right direction!
  7. I much prefer IPS and I am very much loving all of the new features coming with IPS 5. Granted, the underlying software doesn't matter too much for forums anymore and XF is much more popular among small forum users. Also don't forget that IPS 5 is also removing the ability to buy pieces of their package, so you will need to pay for all the apps (granted the overall price is going down, but it is still more than just the forum app). I do believe that IPS 5 will beat XF in just about every way, but as a long time IPS admin, I can honestly say that users won't easily switch software preferences based on better features. Personally, I'd take note as to where you are marketing and getting users from, if it is all XF, then factoring in getting them to use IPS is a hurdle. However, the software won't make it break the future of the site, so the choice is really yours. Granted, if you want to use other IPS apps, XF has little to offer in return and nearly all their answers are 3rd party add-ons or simply don't exist. This is the primary reason my sites run on IPS as they simply can't exist on XF.
  8. Sounds like a cool project! I can't wait to see it build out!
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