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    • Well it took a bit of time to get it up and running but we are happy to announce that we now have an Anime Reviews section. all members have access to read but only community members and up can post reviews. this is to leep any unwanted content here on Anime Insight. a topic in our anime reviews forum will guide you on how to add a review to our site.We are also happy announce that we are working on a Manga Reviews section and a Gaming Reviews section as well. This is not including an Otaku Dictionary. So keep an eye out for the new things coming to the site 

    • As you can see I am hard at work on our new theme. I have been out of the theming game for a while so it is taking me awhile to figure out a lot of the stuff. but I will get it. As you can see we are going for a dark theme. grey with blue as the primary color and pink or magenta as the secondary. The current logo is a temp logo till I can design something better. but I hope you are enjoying what I have done so far. 

    • Hello! and welcome Anime Insight. We are an anime news website as of current but we will be expanding as our audience grows. We will cover all things otaku! from anime to gaming. We will also cover nerd stuff such as Star Trek Star Wars and other Sci-fi things. So let's see what we can do, shall we? If you are interested in helping here. you caon register and send me a PM here and I will respond accordingly. 

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