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    • So you are probably wondering what this means. After a month of hard decision-making. I have decided that Anime Insight will be strictly an anime graphic designer community. For those looking for reviews anime news and other anime-related content, you can check out Anime Online Most if not all anime content that is specific to that site has already been moved. Such as the reviews, news, and other stuff.  We will continue to provide anime content here but in more of a secondary type of way. The forum layout will be altered to set the tone. All members from here will be converted to the new community if you wish the be a part of it you can. All topics will move there too! This is going to be a test of how the community will thrive and have the best outcome. Depending on which one is more popular we might talk about merging the two! 

    • So I have a decision to make and I want your input. So When I originally started Anime Insight. I thought the Domain name that I wanted to use was bought by someone else. So this past Sunday I got an email telling me that I needed to renew this domain name. was wondering if should I just redirect the domain or rebrand the entire site. I have thought about a complete rebrand but I want your thoughts on this. 

    • Anime Insight is looking for staff members. we are going to start as mods and work our way up to higher staff positions. I have a few rules when it comes to being a staff member of Anime Insight. I will go over them shortly. But if you are interested you can send me a PM here. or on our Discord Server with the following information. 
      Username How long you have been on our community.  Why we should pick you as a mod/Smod/Admin Have you been a Mod Super Mod or admin before   
      People who will NOT be considered for a staff position will be those who just joined and send me a PM about becoming staff. you will have to make an effort and post to be even considered. If you had an account before I need to know the username you had previously to see if you qualify.

    • Over the next few weeks, you will start noticing some changes. unless you have already noticed one now! During this time I will be designing a new theme. Finishing up some graphics projects I have started Sorry @Senkusha haven't forgotten about ya, and adding new sections to the site. If you have a keen eye you might have noticed I have added a Tutorials Section. I will be setting up categories for this section for Graphics, and Web Design. the Otaku Dictionary is going to be a place for people to post Anime terms that we use in the anime community to help those who are just starting to get into the lovely world of Anime. 
      In 2024 I am setting a goal to reach an active community. with at least 1000 members and 5k in topics and 100k in posts. I know this is a lot but I am sure we can do it. Starting sometime in January I will be holding a Member Drive. I have an idea of what I want the prizes to be we will vote on it near the start of the year. So that's all for now. you can keep an eye on what I am doing with the community in the development blog 
      and I hope to see you all soon! 

    • So me and a co-worker are gamers and well we had a bet going that if the game I picked won game of the year, he would have to buy Tears of the Kingdom! and if his game one I would have to buy Baldur's Gate 3. Looks like I am going to be buying the game. I will post a review on it when I get done playing! 
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    • After some deep reflection over the past month, I have decided that xenForo wasn't right for Anime-insight. With that said we are back on Invision Community.  I will be importing the posts that have been made and I will also be importing the members from the time we were on xenForo. Sorry for all the hard troubles but I think this is best. I can do what I want to do and make the site the way I wanna make it! 

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