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[AI-News] We are currently looking for staff!

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Anime Insight is looking for staff members. we are going to start as mods and work our way up to higher staff positions. I have a few rules when it comes to being a staff member of Anime Insight. I will go over them shortly. But if you are interested you can send me a PM here. or on our Discord Server with the following information. 

  1. Username
  2. How long you have been on our community. 
  3. Why we should pick you as a mod/Smod/Admin
  4. Have you been a Mod Super Mod or admin before 


People who will NOT be considered for a staff position will be those who just joined and send me a PM about becoming staff. you will have to make an effort and post to be even considered. If you had an account before I need to know the username you had previously to see if you qualify.

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