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SOTW Rules and Gudielines

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Hello and welcome to our SOTW rules and guidelines! Here we will discuss the rules, guidelines, and how to enter the SOTW contest! SOTW (Signature of the Week) Is a weekly contest that is held here at Anime Insight. Each week a poll is started on what the theme of the sig of the week should be. Could be based on a game, Anime, TV show, Movie, or music group artist or band. There will also be a vote on the style of the signature such as Grunge tech or classic design aspect. So let's start with how to join the signature of the week contest! 

At the start of the sig of the week, a new topic will be made with what the sig of the week is, what style it needs to be in, and what creative things need to be in the submission. You can reply to the topic stating that you are entering the contest. Once you have entered you will have a week to complete the sig. As a contest participant, you can then post your submission in the topic related to that signature of the week. Once all signatures have been submitted. A voting topic will be started. Here members can vote on who they think should win. During the winner voting process, the next sig of the week idea will be voted on. so on and so forth. 

Each sig of the week will have its own rules and guidelines. but there are some rules and guidelines that all SOTW sigs should follow, Nudity will be acceptable to a point. All private areas must be covered or cropped out of the image. No outrageously gruesome images they can have blood but someone holding a head or body part will not be accepted. 

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