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MegaTokyo wasn't created by a typical Japanese Magnaka in Japan. In fact, it isn't even Japanese.  It's an American manga, that was started by an American Architectural graduate around the year 2000.  I admire this manga because this artist, Fred Gallagher couldn't even really draw all that well.  The book starts out laid out in a four-panel "square", with nice descriptions about the behind the scenes below each square, detailing Fred and Rodney's (his best friend at the time) lives, the discussions they had, and including his at the time girlfriend (now wife), Sarah.


The plot starts out as Fred and Rodney as inserts, Piro and Largo, respectively, are unemployed, fresh out of college, and decide to take a trip to Japan to relieve Piro's depression.  Unfortunately, both of the are huge gaming nerds and blow all there money (I forget where, probably in Akiharabara), and end up being stranded in Japan.  This manga is truely comedic genius!  I especially love all the attention to detail in the background scenes, such as Godzilla rampaging throughout Japan without a permit, and the people seem to be unaffected (not scared) about it all.


The characters are very memorable, and unique, and honestly, who wouldn't want a Ping-chan?! LMAO 


There's lots of gaming references throughout the plot, and it's really neat to watch Fred's drawing really begin to take shape, and to watch him become more proficient with the manga drawing -- so much so that Fred and Rodney split ways over a battle with the presentation formatting and story direction.  The best part being, that this manga is totally free!  You can view it on https://www.megatokyo.com or buy the omnibuses in your favorite bookstores.  I highly recommend!



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