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Subbed or Dubbed?

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How do you prefer your anime viewing experience? Do you watch your anime with the original Japanese audio? or do you prefer the anime to be dubbed in your native language?  As for me, I suffer from albinoism it's a genetic disorder that basically makes you not see as good as most people. so I have to watch my anime dubbed. I would like to learn Japanese so I can watch it with the original audio but I haven't really had the time to do it lol 



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I prefer to watch anime (at least the first time through), Dubbed.  I want to be able to pay attention to the artwork, the flow of the story, the plot, major events, etc.  After I've watched the anime a few times though, I often find myself watching the Subbed version to catch potential translation glitches, subtle humor (I have an entire story about the English word "I" versus the Japanese equivalents.), and the overall flow of the story in its original form.  Someday, I hope to learn enough Japanese to not have to rely on Subtitle translations to enjoy anime in its pure form without having to read distracting text.



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