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Hello, and welcome to our Anime Reviews section this is where all the anime reviews from our reviews system will be posted. But I'm guessing you are thinking to yourself "How do I post a review.?" Here at Anime Insight, we require a few things for you to be able to post anything in our reviews section. Let's set a few guidelines though when it comes to this section. All reviews must be approved by a site admin. whether it be me or one of our Site Admins, Forum Admins, or Supor Mods, This is to ensure that we are getting proper and consistent content  If we think you are a good fit for our reviews team you will be able to post a review without moderation. But before we can reach this point we first must be able to post a review.  All Active Members and up can post a review. Once you reach active member you will be able to post a review. Now that we have that taken care of. So we know who can post reviews, now we are going to cover how to set up your review. 


you will have feidls you need fo fill out to be able to post a reivew. 


  • Title of Anime
  • Number of Episodes
  • How did you watch the anime (Subs, Dubs, or Both)
  • Audio quality (you will rate the quality of the audio such as the voice acting and if you watched it dubbed the language it was dubbed in)
  • Video and Graphics quality (How were the visuals vibrant colors and other video quality(
  • Overall Rating ( This will be what you thought of the entire anime from start to finish.)
  • The review ( here you will be able to post a small synopsis of the anime and give your review. You can also upload screenshots of the anime  and character pics if you so choose. )
  • Review Image (This will be the image that shows at the top of the review. so an image with the anime logo or a popular character from that anime will be OK)


Once the review has been submitted. the staff with then look it over and see if it meets these standards. Once your Review is posted you will be given a Contributors tag. If we deem you are a good review writer we will add you to our reviews team. So I hope this clears anything up that you might not understand if you have any questions you can contact our admin staff., or super mods with questions. So we hope to see some good anime reviews from you! 



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