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What would you consider mainstream anime


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To me its all about the hype. If I walk out in public with an anime shirt and I have someone ask me what anime is that from? That's not a mainstream anime because no one has heard about it. on the other hand there is the "OMG you watch Demon Slayer?!?!?!" or the "Oh I like your shirt" meaning they have seen the anime and understand. Stuff like Naruto DBZ SAO are all mainstream to me and it irritates me to no end "Have you seen this anime?" Who hasn't seen any of the anime you see on Adult Swim.. So what do you think is a way overrated anime that is in the mainstream?



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Although I know about Naruto, Dragonball Z, and Sword Art online, I have NOT watched them.  I think something inside me refused to watch anything considered "mainstream". LOL  I seem to like the oddball, obscure anime that don't get a lot of attention.  I like being eccentric!



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