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Angel Beats!


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Number of Episodes : 13



Subbed or Dubbed : Dubbed



Audio Quality : 4



Video Quality : 4



Overall Raiting : 9





A young man wakes up in a school yard with no memory. A female student nearby, who is pointing a sniper rifle at someone, introduces herself as Yuri (aka Yurippe) and informs him that he's dead, cannot die anymore, and should join her oft-name-changing organization, currently called the Afterlife Battlefront, in a struggle against God and his apparent representative in this world, the cute but seemingly emotionless Student Council President dubbed Angel. The young man eventually remembers that his name is Otonashi and comes to understand that everyone at the school has died and that "dœeaths" in this place are just temporary inconveniences. He also learns that the students in the Battlefront are free-willed individuals who have rebelled against God by refusing to conform – and thus being obliterated from this world and (presumably) reincarnated – because they have grudges against God over great suffering in their former lives. As Yuri leads the Battlefront in various creative schemes to thwart Angel's efforts to normalize them and ultimately confront God, Otonashi also comes to understand that Kanade – the girl they know as Angel – does not have to be their enemy and that this place serves a deeper purpose than just being a Purgatory or metaphysical transition ground: it is a place which gives youths an opportunity to find the peace and happiness denied to them in life, thus allowing them to move on.[/size]<br />

<br />

In the bonus episode “Stairway to Heaven, set roughly around episode 5, Yuri issues a new operation to the Battlefront: the members must maintain a high level of tension and energy in whatever they do for an entire day in the hopes of confusing Angel enough that she will report to God and they can follow her. Despite the earnest efforts of several Battlefront members, things don't exactly go as planned.


I love my anime and well this one was one of the greats. Only being 13 episodes long it was a tear-jerker. With the full-on comedy aspect of this show, It was a fresh take on anime with bright colors and even great visuals


If you are looking for fan service in this one I hate to disappoint but you will have to go somewhere else for your swimsuit fetish. no ecchi ether. so for those hentai out there, this is a no-go for you;


The storyline was original from any other anime that I have seen. this is not a Bleach or a Death Note anime but it was still good. I would suggest this anime to anyone looking into getting into anime. I will warn you though the ending is sad. so have a box of tissues nearby! I mean I am a 33-year-old man and if an anime like this can make me a bit teary then yes you are in for a great show.








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