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Hi! Magical Girl Senkusha Reporting in!

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I've been an Otaka since 2002 when I stumbled into Ranma 1/2 because one day I was board with the Desktop Wallpaper on my Windows 98 PC at work, and I found Ranma (in female form), decided I wanted to know more about who this pretty gal was, and got hooked!  I then quickly found Tenchi Universe via fan fictions, started my first website and have been a fan ever since.  Although these days, I don't seem to have enough time to just sit and watch anime.  But I do enjoy role playing as various anime characters on my latest website, and I'll even write some fan fiction (one of these days!)  Anyway, I'm a big fan of Magical Girls, science fiction, space opera, and harem/romantic comedies.  One of my pet projects that may never see the light of day is my own anime MMORPG that I'm making in Unreal Engine 5.


Other things that I enjoy involve cooking, making new friends, tech, and even camping.  I love crystals, and I follow Wicca (for the most part).  I'm also looking to somehow work from home, once I find something that sparks my interest, and I can get paid for it, hopefully so I don't get burned out on doing whatever this new activity will be.



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